Friday, 26 November 2010

Where is Wally?

This is a new of today Friday 26 November 2010, from the Daily Telegraph journal:

I have meant to find several phrasal verbs, idioms, etc... and this is the result:

False friends:
* Comprehensive (it isn't "comprensivo", it's "exhaustivo, completo").
* Suply (it isn't "suplir", it's "suministrar").

* "Companies are playing it straight with consumers" ("Las compañías están jugando limpio con los consumidores"). PLAY IT STRAIGHT is to do something without tricks, with fair play.
* "But are widely expected to follow suit" ("Se espera que, por lo general, siga su ejemplo"). FOLLOW SUIT is to follow the example of another.

Phrasal verbs:
* "ripping off consumers". Rip is "rasgar, romper" but RIP OFF is "estafar".
* "put up its domestics gas tariffs". Put is "poner" but PUT UP is "aumentar".

Can anybody find more in this new?


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