Thursday, 4 November 2010

Express yourself (like nokia slogan)...!

Come on guys! I saw that you already join the blog! You don't need to write a lot. Just a few words about you to break the ice...! If we can have a united group, we'll be more confident in class and without fear to be incorrect! I read this morning an article about team building and his importance in the companies's performance! Here, in our classes, is the same. If we are paying 65€ per month, we have to improve our english skills as quickly as we can! And, for that, we have to practice as much as we can!


  1. introducing my self...

    what can i say about me? i´m very normal guy, with lovly to visit places around the world, so, this is one of the main reasons to learn English.

    i like so much the "cañitas" and "fiestecitas" and "voltios" ,

    nice to meet everybody,


  2. So we have an objective in common. I also want to learn english to communicate with people when I travel! Well, Jose Domingo tell me something about a Christmas dinner... Let's wait for him to announce the details...


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