Thursday, 11 November 2010

Improving vocabulary!

Hi guys!

I have an idea and want to share with you. You tell me if it's a good or bad idea...

You can do an alphabetic list, like this:

1. Borja
2. Eurico
3. Jorge
4. Jose Domingo
5. Maria
6. Maria Jesus
7. Nuria
8. Victor

And each of us have to choose a word/phrase to improve our vocabulary. But not ordinary words. The words must be prepositions, collocations, phrasal verbs or idioms. The most difficult subjects...!

The idea is that the first person, in this case Borja, have to choose a word/phrase and have to post it on the blog. But there's not only choose the words, we have to give a pair of examples. Then in the next class we discuss that in the first minutes.

Today I present this idea at the class.


  1. Finally I Understand!!Thank you Eurico! I think that is a good idea too.

  2. good idea, i´ll start them


  3. Could we start focusing on Yet, Just, Still?

    form me is sometimes difficult to know what is the use in wich cases...

  4. Come on Borja, put it in a new post...!


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