Friday, 12 November 2010

Just one beer


  1. Guys, thank you all for the great night! It was my first karaoke participation and I really liked it! ;) Then thanks to Maria for posting the photo!
    And, the last but not the least, thanks to our "singer star" teacher Jan/Ian/John/Johnny!

  2. At the beginning only MJ wanted to sing but after everybody sang! Thank to MJ!! (and thank to teacher too!!, JAN no?)
    We had a nice night, I hope it isn´t the last one.

  3. Welcome Ana! I have to say something... I saw that at karaoke's night people talked a lot with Jan in english... That means that all of us can do better at class. Leave the fear behind and participate more than now!

  4. really good night guys!! we will repeat it soon, thanks for share just one beer hehe.



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