Thursday, 21 October 2010

Tomatou or tomeiro

Yesterday, Eurico and I kept a very very very interesting conversation about how to pronounce "tomato".
The question is this: "Have you got affinity with english or with american people?. I send you two audio files.
The first one is an english tomato and the second one is an american tomato…. You can see the difference….
And the thirst one is and Spanish tomato.

Monday, 18 October 2010

I'm Paul

For the reason we haven't got a teacher or a definitive teacher, today i'll be Paul.

I need to know what's the difference between this words:

- Tell or Say.
- Do or Make.
- Lose or miss.
- Know or meet.

I don't know it exactly, so i want we discuss about it. For example, we can begin "doing/making" sentences using the words i showed above.

The first one is:

1) I make homeworks for my students.

The second one:

2) So, my students do the homeworks.

The two sentences are corrects, so we begin to deduce some differences... between boths.

The next on is for you.


Hi, everybody.
I think i don't introduce myself because i hope you know me yet... we have introduced ourselves three or four times, etc. etc.
In my next comment i'll give you a homework.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

My two cents!

First I would like to thank Eurico blog creation and his participation.

On the other hand, I would like to propose a new rule, we have to correct us; that is, correct me if I write something wrong, thanks.

Well, now I have to introduce myself:

My name is Nuria, I’m twenty-four years old and I’m from Valdecaballeros. I studied Chemical Engineering and I’m PhD student. I don’t know if you know what PhD student means. For this reason I’ll explain you what I do.

Being PhD student is very different from being career student. I have to read a lot of scientific articles, after that I relate bibliographic data to experimental data and I try to find new experimental methods to improve the current methods. I can say “I’m researcher”; my work is very interesting but it is also a hard work. I spent eight hours in my laboratory and, the most of days, when I arrive at home, I have to treat the dates obtained in previous experimentation. Therefore I can say I’m worker and student; I working for eight hours, like a normal worker; and I do homework, like a student. Besides that, I earn, like a worker, and I’m trained, like a student. I like my work although it is hard and I'm happy!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Phrasal verbs

Paul said that phrasal verbs are one of the most difficult matters to english learners. And want that we do every lesson a grammar sheet with one to have a bank of them at he end of the course.

He said that is better to memorize them in a context and not in a list, so I find this book to help us.

Introducing myself

Well, because we have three teachers in three weeks and some of us missed lessons, I think that's a good idea we introduce ourselves again in the blog. If we know each others, we'll be more confident in class between us to stop Paul if we don't understand him or to take the initiative to talk or ask something.

So, I'm Eurico, twenty six years old, from Elvas, Portugal. I was in Elvas until need to go out to continue my studies. In that period of time I played many sports, like basketball, table tennis and judo. To buy things with my own money, at the age of sixteen I started to work, in part time, in a furniture shop, selling and distributing. When I was eighteen, I needed to move to Lisbon because near Elvas there wasn't a place to study Law. I went to a public school because it was cheaper than the private. In Lisbon I stopped a little with my sporty life and consumed my leisure time in cultural activities, like cinema, theater, reading, etc. Now I finished my career and came back to Elvas to start working as a trainee-lawyer and help my father in his business of buying and selling houses. I searched for english schools in Elvas but there wasn't. So decided to went to Badajoz to learn english. In fact, I don't need it particularly for my job, but I love travel and if I know english I can go everywhere. I really like mix with other cultures too so I joined a trekking Badajoz group to improve my spanish and restarted my sporty life.


This is a blog to help us improving our english written skills. Like our professor Paul said to us, the more we practice, better will be our vocabulary and fluency.

We can write about everything, without fear to be wrong. But there is one rule: we cannot write in spanish or in portuguese, all the words must be english!

The future of this blog depends on his utility. If we write a lot, it continues. If not, well... we need to find another way to help us!