Monday, 18 October 2010

I'm Paul

For the reason we haven't got a teacher or a definitive teacher, today i'll be Paul.

I need to know what's the difference between this words:

- Tell or Say.
- Do or Make.
- Lose or miss.
- Know or meet.

I don't know it exactly, so i want we discuss about it. For example, we can begin "doing/making" sentences using the words i showed above.

The first one is:

1) I make homeworks for my students.

The second one:

2) So, my students do the homeworks.

The two sentences are corrects, so we begin to deduce some differences... between boths.

The next on is for you.


  1. Ohh, this is a good idea!
    But it is more difficult than it seems.
    I think to know where "do" and "make" are used it is necesary to list a lot of situations, for example:

    1) A factory can make toys, clothes, bread or beer. Furthermore if we knew, we could make a coffee, a omelette or a cake, even we could make a film.
    2) However a architect does or draw a plan.

    1) On the other hand, when we go to English class we are making a sacrifice and can make a deal with our teacher to do entertaining thing and he can make a promise to improve or make a criticism to our proposals.
    2) But we have to do our homeworks. We could do a experiment, a travel or do someone a favor.

    1) Someone can make a fortune working but this is very difficult, make a friend is easier. Working, someone can make a good person of another person or can made him cry. My boss can made me do my job, he can, this is a obligation.
    2) We do the shopping when we need something, we would do more exercise if we had more time.

    Well, I warned! It is not easy :-)

  2. This time I don't give my opinion because today Jan explains it very well. ;)


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