Tuesday, 12 October 2010

My two cents!

First I would like to thank Eurico blog creation and his participation.

On the other hand, I would like to propose a new rule, we have to correct us; that is, correct me if I write something wrong, thanks.

Well, now I have to introduce myself:

My name is Nuria, I’m twenty-four years old and I’m from Valdecaballeros. I studied Chemical Engineering and I’m PhD student. I don’t know if you know what PhD student means. For this reason I’ll explain you what I do.

Being PhD student is very different from being career student. I have to read a lot of scientific articles, after that I relate bibliographic data to experimental data and I try to find new experimental methods to improve the current methods. I can say “I’m researcher”; my work is very interesting but it is also a hard work. I spent eight hours in my laboratory and, the most of days, when I arrive at home, I have to treat the dates obtained in previous experimentation. Therefore I can say I’m worker and student; I working for eight hours, like a normal worker; and I do homework, like a student. Besides that, I earn, like a worker, and I’m trained, like a student. I like my work although it is hard and I'm happy!


  1. HI

    Hi, everybody.

    I think i don't introduce myself because i hope you know me yet... we have introduced ourselves three or four times, etc. etc.

    In my next comment i'll give you a homework.

  2. Hello Nuria! I don't understand nothing about the subject of your investigation but seems very stimulating and interesting! And you are happy and in the end what really matters is happiness!


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