Thursday, 4 November 2010


Hi!!! I am Maria! The person who only know to say three articles of clothes: shoes, shirt and jeans (and last one because of the Jan's help... thank you Jan)
Waooo!! This is very nice!! I have never thought to take class of english will be so entertaining and fun!! But I can see that you guys write very good... it's like if you don't need to take class!

I'm agree with Borja, we should go " de cañas" in order to improve our level of english in a " BAR"
Pd: sorry for the orthographic mistakes....


  1. Hello Maria! There's no problem about only knowing three clothes... That's why we are having english classes and that's why we only have upper-intermediate level. At the school year's end you already have skills to go to England and try good bars and beers...! ;)

  2. next thersday "cañitas"? closelly to the academy the are a bar, we can start there..on tuesday we can speak about,

    in the other hand, it is a good idea to have a christmas dinner!


    have a nice wekend

  3. yes yes yes, perfect perfect perfect, ok ok ok.

  4. Thanks for the workbook Maria,

    até terça feira, or see you on Tuesday,


  5. Ok, Borja... If you stay a while after the lesson... and didn't run away with your cell phone... we can speak a little!


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